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Here are details of the specific services I offer:


Full 360°, Business Health Check.

A full 360 degree review of your business. Detailing where you are within your market and letting you know everything from the good, the bad and the ugly. 


It is only when you know your true market position that you can grow beyond all expectations. This health check identifies any gaps that may exist, along with any opportunities. Once these are identified then we can develop your strategy to ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Social Media

In today’s market place, we all need to be aware and in control of our social presence.  Let me help you maximise the best social media plan for your business, by designing complete training plans bespoke to your needs and ability, so that you can watch brand awareness and customers grow overnight.

Change Management

Change is a constant within any business and can be driven by several different factors; from customers, markets and technology. However, research shows that many change initiatives fail to achieve their intended outcomes and even limit the potential of a business and its people.  From concept to delivery and review I have managed change at various levels, including implementing new management structures and initiating new training programmes throughout multi-functional and national brands.

Branding and Design

Image is key to how you are perceived.  Your branding attracts and engages new and existing customers to visit.  From websites to letter heads and everything in between, I can help you to align your business and convey your values through branding and design.

Market Segmentation

Understanding where you fit in the market place enables us to find your competitive advantage. What is it that makes you the preferred choice for your customers?  I can help you to ensure that your retail offer fits with the right market and maximise your earning potential.

Competitor Review

How often have you visited the local or national competition?  Let me, in detail, review your competition so that you stay ahead of the game.

Event planning

Quality planning and organisation is essential to putting on any event, ensuring that is safe, enjoyable and gives you and the customer the required result.  From music festivals, charity events, dog shows, firework displays to weddings and much more.  From start to finish, I can help you to maximise your return from large scale events.


Mentoring and coaching

Just starting out on a new business venture, looking for a change of direction or just unable to work out the best way forward?  I will listen, give you honest advice and guide you through any issues.

Supplier Review / Negotiation

Agreements between purchasers and suppliers are not set in stone and need continual review and negotiation.  Having set up large scale supply chain agreements, I can negotiate and manage service level agreements. I ensure that you are getting the best price possible with robust service level agreements , subsequently adding value to each partnership.



Rent and Agreement Negotiation

Negotiating one of your largest outgoing costs should not be taken lightly.  Having conducted many rent reviews for large scale companies I can help you to make sure that your rent is fair and maintainable.

Understanding Your Agreement

Your agreement is a legally binding document that should be fully understood and it is imperative that you know your responsibilities so that you can plan for the present and the future. I have over 25 years’ experience in dealing with commercial and retail agreements; from long term lease deals to short term tenancies.

Business Planning

A good business plan is imperative.  I can help you to ensure that the plan you have is achievable and more importantly I will show you how to keep that plan alive in your day to day operation.

Competitor Review

Understanding your position in the market is imperative when reviewing your plan and the strategies employed to stay at the top of your game.  Let me take the emotion and time out of this by conducting a full competitor review, it’s not just about price; I will show you precisely were you sit in the marketplace so that you make the right decisions across your business to maximise your potential. 


Sales Building

It’s easy to stagnate and difficult to come up with fresh and interesting events and ideas to drive your business forwards.  Everyone needs a reason to visit or unique selling point. Having over 25 years in retail, I have the answers that will help you be the preferred choice for customers.

Cost Control Review

Through benchmarking and trusted partners, I will help you to scrutinise every cost line for your business, ensuring that you are paying the best price for quality goods and services.  From merchant services and till systems, utilities and waste management, to labour costs and marketing; I will leave no stone unturned.



Effective forecasting has a positive impact on your total business from increased revenue, team motivation, internal controls, inventory management, pricing and marketing. I can help you to review or implement an effective forecasting tool, specific to your business that will allow you to achieve your goal.

Margin Review and Management

Understanding and managing your margin is a key element to achieving and maximising your profit.  With my experience in managing margin for large scale companies I will help you to get a true grip on your business.

Recruitment and Retention

Through targeted and specific recruitment campaigns, I will ensure that you get to see the best possible candidates.  The first 100 days of employment will set the scene for the employee and has a direct impact on the length of service and engagement.  I will help you to ensure that all new employees receive all the necessary guidance to set them up for a long-term future in your company.

Interview and Selection

Asking the right questions and being able to analyse those answers and behaviours is imperative to making sure you select the right people from the start.  I will help you design the right process to ensure that the candidate matches your company values and long term goals.




For many employers, apprenticeships generate a more skilful work force, improved retention rates and increased productivity. They offer free quality and recognised training and development programs. Let me help you to find out more about the best way to get started through our trusted partners.

Customised Training and Development

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your business will rely on the quality and relevance of the training being delivered.  Let me take a fresh look at your business needs and review your current training and development programs. 


Operational process

Whether it’s your online presence, the first face to face meeting with a customer or recording the income and reporting the profit, every business needs an operational process to be in place to ensure that we have control of our business.  No area is less or more important but all areas need to be reviewed to ensure they are robust and current in your market place. Let me conduct a full process mapping service of your business to ensure you are in full control.

Legal Compliance

Today, it is imperative that you stay on top of the legal requirements of your industry.  From licencing, food safety laws, to health and safety reforms, I will help you to ensure that you are diligent in the process and training specific for your business.


What ever the question just drop an email or give me a call, I am here to help.

OSP Consultancy Ltd

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I offer an initial one hour free consultation.  Contact me now to schedule a meeting!

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